LED lights may go hot "apple

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   LED lighting is indeed the new King of Energy, just a few years time, we all know, the market upsets a more fiery. The market is hot, but unfortunately the heat was so helpless and pale. About LED lighting, how many pieces of good news once again filled with one major site headlines, the impact on people's eardrums, but now and then dedicated people will be such a "crying wolf" to get no spirit.

   LED energy-saving principle: 1, the maximum energy into light energy; 2, to create the most suitable for human visual senses light. 


   When we put the LED lights with traditional energy-saving lamps compared, we can make a very clear judgment, LED lights are energy-efficient. Let's look at the main problems currently affecting the market for LED lighting: heat issues, life issues, weight problems, efficiency problems, light problems, price. The six questions, in fact, come from energy-efficient LED lighting principles links. 


   1, since the presence of heat issues, it shows LED lighting does not maximize the light energy into light energy, not even as an ordinary fluorescent lamps 


   2, since the LED's heat production high enough to affect the angle of the heat, the temperature can be seen in general. About LED light source, what kind of material can withstand heat of up to tens of thousands of hours of baking? Of course the existence of such high-quality materials, but the price will be prohibitive 


   3, on life issues, is actually very simple, LED chip the heat will affect the life of the LED light source itself, resulting in bad light; addition, LED lamps will also affect the life of PCB driver board 


   4, it is because the heat generated by large LED lamps, so the need for cooling. Compared lightweight plastic, thermal properties of the metal is much better, but also much more cumbersome 


   5, light perception, in fact, LED lighting is not a fatal flaw. LED lighting products in the case of less electricity, the reason why the issue can seem a lot brighter after the heat, this is because the light emitted from the LED is easier to stimulate the visual senses, but this light is too strong, but spend compare quality lampshade or baffles, or be able to solve this problem is largely glare 


    6, about prices, read before five, naturally self-evident 


   LED lighting, energy saving is not that a report on the matter, the key is to make consumers feel affordable and reliable job. 


    "Hot" is the word of how sensitive people in the field of LED lighting, a "hot" word, exhausted by the number of enterprises, the number of consumers confused neurotic. In the field of LED lighting, LED product brands on the Chinese market could get almost no shot. The reason is very simple, can not solve the "hot" issues. 



   China professional LED lighting business seemingly many, in fact, in addition to rectangular lighting, really bright, ground fine to put on the name of dozens of companies, most of the little-known small businesses are walking a fine line in the name. In fact, the entire Chinese market perspective, LED lighting products production capacity is not large, but not enough to hold up more than a billion Chinese people's consumption, so the LED "fire".





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