led landscape lighting applications in the construction of

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   On the correct use of LED landscape lighting of buildings, we must pay attention to the problem. LED buried lights, underwater lights, emergency lights, garden lights, various identification lights, LED flood light locally, LED linear light source lamp, LED point light source lamp, etc., for the urban landscape lighting played a great credit to add color effect. Especially good LED color, relatively low energy consumption, long life expectancy is relatively low voltage safe, pollution-free, impact shock resistance, small size for easy concealment, see the light but not light for night lighting principles, etc., which are for night lighting provides optional. But night lighting must be selected according to the characteristics of the LED itself. By design, some architectural gables, the building department and other items need to cast a large area of light or a place to show their body structure, be careful choice of LED, whether it is to compare the advantages of LED floodlighting. Need a wide beam angle and transmission distance should be used with caution when lighting where LED, to consider whether the current LED lamps can achieve this requirement? LED is suitable for contour, the point light transmittance of light or a small glass curtain wall combined into a matrix pattern, commercial establishments, requires dynamic and rich color change place or carrier. If buildings with LED night light for each other with the use of better bring out the LED advantage. For example, some architectural lighting for local needs, but generally light body too much effect on the daytime landscape architecture, then you can choose the LED lamps for light, small, easy to covert that other sources Spotlights do not have the advantages. There are also some large power LED flood light, but because the radiator reasons lamps too, is not suitable for building exterior floodlighting pick.

   Urban landscape lighting management and design should take into account these factors. In reviewing the design on strict night checking on the design, the best design can not give full play to the strengths of LED night program is not used. In practice, the right to purchase LED night with strict quality control, strict LED products stock clearance. Strict supervision system works on the construction process, who do not meet the requirements of construction and installation specifications and must be corrected to eliminate non-standard construction and installation behavior. After construction is completed to strictly implement a verification system, in accordance with the normative standards for acceptance. LED night put into use in the project to establish the operation and maintenance system, equipped with the appropriate maintenance personnel, make operation and maintenance and inspection records usually, once the problem was found to be timely maintenance discharged, so that the use of LED landscape lighting project always maintain normal species running state, maintaining credibility in LED landscape lighting area. 

   LED landscape lighting for the city, especially for urban landscape lighting now building (structure) shows its strong advantage. LED energy saving, safety, environmental protection, color-rich, long life, small size, short response time, etc., is very suitable for city building landscape lighting now. As long as we use the LED to strengthen the correct guidance of the urban landscape lighting. Take the right design approach, with the LED variety of performance continues to improve, falling prices, and further application of LED's, especially Beijing Olympic venues landscape lighting and the successful application of the Shanghai World Expo LED landscape lighting, LED landscape lighting plays for us a role model. We believe that the use of LED lighting urban landscape will be more widely promoted in our country, China's LED production enterprises should be fully prepared.