What is the urban landscape lighting Anqing Hong Honhi lighting

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   Urban landscape lighting is a relatively new discipline, a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, artistic and practical features. In recent years, with the rapid development of the city, landscape lighting project developed rapidly, but at home and abroad for reference data and the relative lack of experience but also a comprehensive system for the use of the urban landscape lighting design and innovation, as well as ecological health development are we need to study, to explore. Now China's urban landscape design has experienced 10 years of rapid development, has yielded spectacular results, but there are also a little less. Accumulation of practical experience, research areas related to the status quo at home and abroad, as well as access to the basic literature on the combination of the urban landscape and cultural backgrounds and other elements of the carrier to seek urban landscape lighting as an emerging art form of re-creation, and meet the requirements of modern and contemporary development of the times, to meet the needs of ecological civilization.

   In a certain sense, people are the city's most intuitive impression that it brings visual experience, including public spaces, buildings or structures group, roads and bridges, commercial and cultural plaza, public facilities, artificial artistic landscape, natural landscape so basic urban elements constitute the basic elements of these cities and the overall layout of the space of the city and the city has a unique knot and plasticity.

   The city is also the collective memory retention and reproduction areas, due to the will of the people or the baptism of time and become a representative group of memory options, including different levels of national, ethnic, groups, and so on. Aesthetic identity is self-forming aesthetic resonance and a sense of belonging within their cultural groups in their regional, social and psychological processes and innovation to maintain their own culture. Most of the urban landscape lighting objects for urban public spaces in public memory, it should have the lighting landscape lighting area of the public, cultural identity carriers, let the viewer appreciate the urban landscape from a different perspective, insight into the city's character and cultural identity of the deep structure, from on the "physical environment" certification, participate in the "behavior", emotional and meaningful experience to appreciate the cultural connotation of identity. Meanwhile, the combination of aesthetics, culture and ideas in the field of social psychology, so that observers reach aesthetic identity.

   Urban landscape lighting design objects are buildings or structures, squares, roads and bridges, scenic, green space, river water, municipal facilities, commercial streets and advertising signs and municipal facilities such as landscape lighting project, the aim is to use the city lights elements to remodeling, the landscape lighting characteristics manifested itself, to the region and the persistence of memory iconic cultural identity, creating a rich cultural environment, and the organically combined into a harmonious, beautiful and distinctive night drawing, giving with "beauty" enjoyment, pleasure and good memories, thereby also convey nighttime landscape form a city or region. 



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